Clever Tricks on Cleaning Your Car 

    We all love our cars; we want to take care of them and preserve them as long as they can last. Our cars can represent our personality, and it can give a clue as to what kind of persons we are. That is why we make the commitment and effort to clean our cars regularly. 

    Due to our use, our cars acquire dirt and dust. And sometimes because of repetition, we get tired of our traditional and patterned way of cleaning. To spark things up, try these different methods, read and apply these clever tricks on cleaning your car. 

1.    Use Sodas to Clean Windshields 

When the long awaited rain comes after a long dry spell, your dirty and dusty windshields get washed prematurely, and it will leave water streaks when it dries. To remove these annoying streaks, pour soda into it, but be sure to use a towel on the lowest part of the windshield to keep the soda on reaching the hood paint. After applying the soda, wipe it off with a damp clean tower, to also remove the sticky remains of the soda that might attract dust when not removed. After wiping it off with the damp towel, you will have a streak-free and shiny windshield. 

2.    Clean the Blades of your Wipers 

Windshield wipers are there to clean your windshields, not to cause scratches or streaks. Scratches and streaks can happen though, especially if your wipers are dirty and have accumulated dirt in it. So, avoid looking past it and clean it, here’s how. 

Concoct a cleaning solution by mixing a quarter of a cup of ammonia and mix it with a liter of water. Get a clean cloth and soak it with the cleaning solution, lift the windshield wipers and clean it with the damp cloth. Wipe the wipers until no dust remains, and then finish by stroking it with a dry cloth and lower it back again. 

3.    Make your own Cleaning Solution 

We always use our car, and it always gets dirty, and we always have to wash it. Because of these we also need always to buy cleaning solutions, which costs us much money in the long run. To solve this, we have to concoct our own cleaning solution, effective and cheap. 

To do this, get a jug that can handle a gallon of liquid then fill it almost to the brim with water. Prepare a quarter of a cup of both soda powder and dishwashing liquid, mix them and then pour them into the jug of water. Keep this jug of cleaning solution out of sunlight, store and use it for future use. 

4.    Keep your Car away from Direct Sunlight 

There is nothing wrong when your car is parked in a spot that has direct sunlight, but if you are about to wash and clean it, you have to park it in the shade. Cleaning your car in the middle of direct sunlight will leave marks of streaks in it because the moisture from your cleaning solution and water will prematurely dry. If you don’t have the time to utilize these clever tricks, you can hire professional mobile car wash long island to do the job.