Best Cardio Training for Martial Arts

Without a doubt, cardio is very vital for martial arts since it is associated with improved efficiency of the lungs and heart. Martial arts typically involve both anaerobic and aerobic workouts in an intensive manner. Thus, it’s suggested to martial artists to concentrate doing cardio workouts aside from the regular running. Almost every individual is aware of standard cardio workouts such as swimming, running, cycling, and much more.  

However, if you really want to do some intensive cardio that can prepare you for Ving Tsun Washington martial arts, here are a couple of cardio workouts that you should do: 

Anaerobic Swimming 

Anaerobic swimming improves the pace that’s needed in training martial arts. It improves the capacity of the lungs while training the body to improve its threshold level. The ideal way of doing anaerobic swimming for a martial artist is to do sprints to a set distance. You should also try to set time targets for you as well. This will promote you to boost your stamina and do faster sprints. 

High Altitude Training 

A lot of athletes from any sport have begun doing high altitude training to develop their stamina more. The reason for this is that our body uses more force at a higher altitude. An excellent advantage of this amazing cardio workout is that it improves the ability of the lungs to process oxygen. The reason for this is that at high altitude, the air is thinner.  

Circuit Training 

Circuit training is the best type of workout that you should do today if you want to improve your stamina together with your mobility and strength. It improves the endurance of your muscles while offering a boost to your overall body strength and stamina. It essentially includes a mixture of 6 up to 7 high-intensity workouts that affect most major muscles in your body. All workouts are mixed to create a single complete circuit. Usually, you’ll take a short break for each exercise (around 1 minute to 30 seconds break). Every exercise has fixed numbers of repetitions in a single set. The overall number of sets is improved up to 3 circuits. This depends on the training level intensity.  

Hill Running 

Hill running becomes an intense cardio workout since hills have an elevated surface. It achieves the needs of an anaerobic element that’s needed in martial arts training to improve stamina. Running against the force of gravity is the nature of this workout. This will put more pressure on the muscles in your legs that will lead to the development of strength and stamina. Thus, you should begin doing hill running as part of your cardio workout if you want to last long during a fight. When it comes to martial arts, you have to always work on your endurance, strength, and stamina.  

A lot of professional martial artists always suggest improving your cardio training so that you can always last long in a match. These are just some of the ideal cardio workout that will fit well if you are training martial arts.